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Sue Bates









Works in Progress




quick march
I have been playing with figures and their movement. This time I have tried figures walking from left to right. I only suggest the detail of the people trying to be as economical as I can with my brush strokes

This is a record of Patti's Plum, first dampen the paper, then float the colours in, gradually build up the layers using lost and found edges, letting the paper dry if you want a really crisp edge.


 pp 2

Patty's Plum on Khadi paper


I have had some fun with hares, each hare is painted with three colours, each layer going down a little drier than the one before. The authenticity of the hare isn't important to me, it's what the watercolour does that fascinates me. I have tried many different blends of hot and cold colours, and swapped yellows and blues

 cool dude
over my shoulder











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